Hi, I’m Julie! I’m married to my best friend, mom to three super fun girls, an Enneagram Nine, chocolate enthusiast, writer, and art lover.

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Bonus ArtPrize Post

I can’t resist one more little ArtPrize post. One thing I love about this event is there are always new artists, but there are several artists who enter every year, giving a familiar feel to new pieces. It’s fun to see an exhibit and know without looking at the placard who made it. Here are…

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ArtPrize 2022!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: ArtPrize is my favorite event in Michigan!! Great art packed into a great town? Yes, please! This year certainly did not disappoint. Please enjoy these pictures of (just a few of) the awesome installments we saw. And if you’re looking for a challenge, guess which one…

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Art Favorites: Friends Edition

Did you know the Mona Lisa has her own mailbox? She gets thousands of love letters from fans every year! In this second installment of “Favorites,” I asked some of my favorite friends what their favorite pieces of art are. They aren’t sending fanmail to these artworks as far as I know, but we sure…

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