Hi, I’m Julie! I’m married to my best friend, mom to three super fun girls, an Enneagram Nine, chocolate enthusiast, writer, and art lover.

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Seize the Day! Color the Day!

I read a very sad article: “The World is Literally Getting Less Colorful”. It shook me. Color is such a simple, perfect pleasure. A gift! Just ask Jonas in Lois Lowry’s The Giver. Nobody else in his community could see color, and it was oppressive, sad, depressing… and the people didn’t even know what they…

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Alaska and Art

Happy Summer! As soon as school was out we took off on an Alaskan cruise. It was amazing (you’d have to work really hard to have a bad time in Alaska OR on a cruise!) I didn’t go to a single art museum, but basked in all the natural beauty I could ever hope for.…

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