Hi, I’m Julie! I’m married to my best friend, mom to three super fun girls, an Enneagram Nine, chocolate enthusiast, writer, and art lover.

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Then and Now

Happy 2023! According to Larry David, I’m way past the statute of limitations in saying “Happy New Year!” But according to me, we have the entire month of January. How about that, Larry David? (2023 Julie is coming across very spicy!) Did you read the Twitter thread of newspaper clippings from 1923 detailing what people…

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Advent Art

This Christmas season I am focusing a little more on the Advent themes than I have in the past. Before, it was a nice tradition: lighting the candles each Sunday at church as a sort of stretched out countdown to The Main Event. But I heard a couple podcasts about Advent and it got me…

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Three Artsy Things New to Me

I’ve been hearing about so many cool artsy things lately, you guys! I can’t wait to tell you about them: First up: my friend, Scott Magie, is a talented filmmaker, and Friday I was able to go to the debut showing of his new documentary, “Creative Icons.” What a treat! The show (it’s the first…

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