Hi, I’m Julie! I’m married to my best friend, mom to three super fun girls, an Enneagram Nine, chocolate enthusiast, writer, and art lover.

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Well Met, Gala!

It’s the fashion event the world has been waiting for! Celebrity sightings galore, all the political statements you could ever hope for, money flowing as freely as Billie Eilish’s gown, and oh yeah- art. It’s The Met Gala!! Fun fact: when participants have ice cream there, it’s The Met Gala mode! The first Met Gala…

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One Rockin’ Art Quiz

Artists are inspired by all kinds of things: music, nature, stories, politics, maybe they have a muse (or a bunch of muses!) I’m no artist, but if I need to get my creative juices flowing, one thing never fails me. Rocks. The place we visit in northern Michigan is on the best rocky shoreline I’ve…

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The Virginian Art Scene

My oldest daughter and I squeezed in one last trip before school started this week. Rules for our trips together are: it has to be someplace neither of us have ever been. That’s it. This time we landed in colonial Williamsburg to indulge our inner history nerds. We were not even deterred when we sweat…

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