Hi, I’m Julie! I’m married to my best friend, mom to three super fun girls, an Enneagram Nine, chocolate enthusiast, writer, and art lover.

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Campus Art

Happy end of the school year! I keep hearing the Elle Woods in my head squeak, “We did it!” We conquered the weirdest school year ever! Way to go, guys! Now it’s time for parents everywhere to say those magical words: “I’m not cooking tonight. We have an Open House.” Graduates are trying to plan…

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Who Painted It Best?

My favorite part about going to the dentist is leafing through magazines I don’t normally read. I catch up on celebrity gossip, learn mind-blowing facts like Jussie Smollett played Terry Hall in “The Mighty Ducks,” note some fashion fads I will never be able to pull off (I’m looking at you, septum rings) and of…

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