The Annual Nice and Easel Gift Guide

Actually, this isn’t exactly an annual guide. I did give some artsy gift suggestions in this post in 2020, but then didn’t last year and now sort of wish I had so this could be the third annual N&E gift guide! Anyway, let’s say this is an annual Nice and Easel tradition. Yay! I love Christmas traditions!

Here are some fun gift ideas for the artists, art-lovers, or just random Secret Santa office people you hardly know:

These make me so happy every time I see them. They are bright and fun and I assume everyone wants one. Be a hero. Buy somebody a fake balloon dog. $12.99 on Amazon.

Wine with a fun label, artsy label, or personal-to-them label. DaVinci can be found just about anywere, in any variety for about $16 if you like this one. Otherwise just peruse your local wine shop and pick one that catches your eye. Dry January is just a thing everyone talks about doing, but doesn’t actually do, so it’s the perfect gift!

These paint pens are so fun! We used them for decorating pumpkins this year because I’m so over carving. How do we still have all our fingers after years of haphazard pumpking stabbing?! I really feel like we’re pushing our luck. Instead I made a pumpkin portrait of Adrienne’s stuffed fish, Phillipe.

Knobs. I know this doesn’t sound like a great gift, but hear me out. There are beautiful knobs (I think we’re supposed to call them “hardware”) out there. It’s a surprising gift, it gives a boring desk or dresser new life, and it’s perfect for your minimalist friends who don’t want another thing laying around the house. I got my girls knobs last year and they at least pretended to like them. Check Etsy, Amazon, or Hobby Lobby! These pictured can be found here.

These have nothing to do with art and maybe don’t belong on my blog, but come on. Who doesn’t love tiny hands? And (shockingly!) very few people own them! Help your loved ones have THE BEST YEAR EVER. Guaranteed to happen with tiny hands. Buy them here.

Here are a few other ideas that may be helpful:

  • An art museum membership.
  • A gift card for an artist to paint them a gift of their choosing (stair mural, anyone?)
  • A portrait of their pet (we have one of our late dog, Allie and both our guinea pigs!)
  • A portrait of their home (I hired an artist to paint my parents’ house a couple years ago and it was a huge hit!)
  • Tickets to the interactive Van Gogh exhibit (or, the Monet interactive exhibit, or… I hear a da Vinci version is coming too!)
  • Fun pens and stationary (let’s bring back the written word!!)
  • Gnomes. Give the people what they want!
  • Ice Cream: Why aren’t we giving more ice cream as a gift? With a nice ice cream scooper? Yes, please!
  • A kintsugi kit: Remember when I tried to do kintsugi and it was an epic fail? Update: I tried again and it worked! It’s true, anybody can do it, even slow learners like me!
  • A mini inflatable tube guy. Like the ones at car dealerships that wave and dance? But mini. Check Five Below. I gave Molly one a couple years ago and it is never not funny to see on her desk.

I hope this is helpful! Have the happiest Thanksgiving, a productive Black Friday, a meaningful Advent kick-off, and a delightful long weekend!

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