Not Your Mother’s Sidewalk Chalk

A while back my husband and I did a Bike ‘n’ Brew. You know, the big bikes you ride from bar to bar? It was just as fun as it looks when you see groups doing it. We went with a bunch of friends and had a great time despite the actual work. I don’t know what I thought was going to happen, but you actually have to pedal those beasts! Sometimes uphill! A good time was had by all- maybe a little too good. As in, I made it through Zumba class the next morning, but not without some dizzy spells.

Here’s an artist whose work makes me dizzy, but delightfully so. Maybe you’ve had someone forward you an email with a bunch of Edgar Mueller’s work, or have seen it on Pinterest. I actually do not think I could bring myself to walk on that “lava” in the second picture. When my kids are jumping on our furniture pretending the floor is lava? They legitimately convince me I’ll get burned if I walk into the living room. 

In honor of Edgar Mueller, we hosted a sidewalk chalk competition within our family. The theme was “fish.” Molly won with her second entry (her first was good… if it was a bunny drawing competition! That’s right, I’m trash-talking my kid.) The judge (my husband, Jim) just overlooked the charming heart bubbles coming out of my fish like they weren’t even there. I resisted any “there are other fish in the sea” jokes though, because Molly’s winning fish was pretty cute. You might say it was artsea.

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