Ernie Barnes: A Man Who Did Not Fumble In His Art

I don’t know about your family, but around here the start of school means the onslaught of extracurriculars. I really love that my girls are “into” lots of different things and I really really love watching them in their endeavors. A thing I do not love? Logistics. But I am having a good attitude about alllllll the driving this year. Do you hear the determination in my voice? A good attitude!!

I am going to be cheerful (mostly) about driving because I want my kids to be well-rounded. It seems like many times kids fall victim to either/or syndrome. They are either athletic or academic. Either physically active or bookish. Either sporty or artsy. It’s weird, really, and unfair, definitely. Ernie Barnes was a man who tackled that either/or concept to the ground and was successful athletically and artistically!
Barnes was an NFL player and talented artist. He actually designed album covers for Marvin Gaye and B.B. King. Kanye West commissioned Barnes to make a piece for him too! He painted some sports scenes, but in my opinion his other stuff is far more interesting and joyful! His subjects are often dancing or playing, and clearly loving life! One of my favorites is Woman Ironing. Don’t you adore the serene, peaceful look on her face as she slow dances with the suitcoat?
Do you think she’s listening to a Marvin Gaye song?
Here is another painting of his, just for fun. And fun it is!
Sugar Shack. This was a Marvin Gaye album cover!

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