I Hate to Harp On, But….

As we happily determined yesterday, it is most definitely September! I won’t bore you with more praise for my favorite month, but I will just give you one more reason to love it: hummingbirds. My heart’s delight! I swoon over these little flutterlovies all summer and especially this time of year because they visit me more frequently to beef up for their upcoming migration. I see my little hummingbirds multiple times a day throughout the summer, but get excited every time. And can we all just agree that JK Rowling must have fashioned the Quidditch snitch after a hummingbird?

Charley Harper is an artist who appreciated a hummingbird too. All birds, it seems were muses to him. His work is lovely and respected, but what I love most is that it can hang in the most highly regarded museums, and is also cheery and fun enough to put in say, a baby’s nursery. (In fact, that’s a real option if you like- just do a quick Google search!)

I think I’ve seen this guy at my feeder!
If you think of it this December 8th, know that while all the birds he may have fashioned his art after are down south, the city of Cincinatti is celebrating Charley Harper Day! 

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