An Artist with Real Apeel

We are in the middle of a kitchen remodel. It was a long time coming and we called “Wolf” (like the appliances!) a few times, but we finally pulled the trigger and demo day was Monday and my house is in complete disarray. Our refrigerator and microwave are operating in the garage, but you can only do so much cooking in a microwave, so we are eating lots of cereal (dry! Because the fridge is many steps away!) and peanut butter and fruit. Bananas, specifically.  Many bananas. Our potassium levels have never been higher, I’m certain!

Imagine my delight when I came across artist, Phil Hansen! I’ve scratched my girls names into bananas before for fun, but this guy puts my chicken scratch to shame! Check this out:

And God created bananas, and they were good.

So much detail, it’s bananas!
His technique is to poke little dots in the banana, rather than actually draw on it, which is how he does a lot of his art. This is made especially astonishing by the fact that he has nerve damage in his hand that causes it to shake. Obviously, not a great condition for an artist to have, but he not only perseveres, but seeks out additional challenges for his art! For instance, here is his Mona Lisa made out of… hamburger grease. Gross, but also impressive, right?
Mona Greasa is more like it!

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