Bansky Pulls A Pranksky

Don’t you just love a good mystery? Not the scary kind, but the harmless, all-in-good fun kind? The art world is full of mysteries, mostly surrounding stolen art, but the one getting all the attention these days is Bansky’s self-destructing painting. We haven’t seen Bansky himself, but we’ve all seen his work that he’s covertly made famous on streets all over the world. His most famous painting was recently up for auction at Sotheby’s and sold for a cool 1.4 mil.

In the same way thousands of other artists sold their work before him.

Except not. Because nobody knows exactly who the buyer is. And because when the bidding closed, the painting began slipping down through the frame, shredding itself. Popular opinion? Genius move by a genius artist. Art critics are saying the painting increased in value on the spot to at least 2 million, maybe up to 4. Of course, there is the other school of thought that thinks a shredded piece of art is worthless and the buyer won’t be able to unload if he (was it Bansky, himself?!?!) or she (more likely) would ever want to sell. What do you think? Would you buy it? Fragmented art is quite popular right now! You’ve seen art like the horses below (which I love, incidentally, and wish I had something similar in my own house); couldn’t the same sort of thing be done with the Bansky?

Trot on over to my living room!

Here is a link to the video when the painting first shred. The painting was amazing before. Now, I just love it to pieces.

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