Vermeulen Hits the Road(show)!

The other day I was watching Antique Roadshow (please don’t be jealous of my fast-paced life) and a gentleman brought a painting to be appraised. And this is why I love Antique Roadshow. It was a painting passed down from his Grandma, who didn’t know anything about it (and neither did he). It turned out to be a painting by Dutch artist Andries Vermeulen!! I was so excited even though I had never heard of Vermeulen before. (I am easily excited, I admit.)

Vermeulen lived from 1762-1814 and primarily painted landscapes, but I feel a kinship to him because he almost always included ice skaters in his paintings and I have a penchant for ice skaters. I wish I would have screen shot the TV, but I think the painting was this (or similar to this):

This might be my favorite of the images Google pulled up for me:

Isn’t it wholesome and lovely? It gives me all kinds of happy feels and memories of pond skating with the neighborhood kids when I was little. Antique Roadshow appraised the painting at 10-15K, which is still out of my price range, but I’m holding out hope I will stumble on one at a rummage sale!

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