Delta Gamma, That’s What I Amma

I love clubs. It all started with The Babysitters Club books when I was little (too little to form my own babysitting club, to my dismay), continued with my siblings (we still occasionally call a Kidz Club meeting to talk about my parents’ anniversary, who’s in charge of bringing sparklers to 4thof July, etc.), and an obsession with the Masons (please don’t be surprised when I join the Eastern Stars). Even now I delight in being a member of the most exclusive Book Club in mid-Michigan (exclusive to anybody who wants to come, that is). So, obviously I couldn’t NOT join a sorority in college. I was called to clubbing. At the discotheque and otherwise.

Delta Gamma is an amazing sorority, full of amazing women. No doubt there are a slew of talented artists that call themselves Delta Gammas, but I recently stumbled on the name Helen Fowler O’Gorman (1904-1984). She was a DG at the University of Washington, though she hailed from Wisconsin. Her sculptures were featured in the Los Angeles Art Museum, The Art Institute of Chicago, and the New York World’s Fair.

O’Gorman is not a household art name, so it was difficult to find her art online. I found a couple drawings, though if you find others please send them my way!

Um, did I mention she was also a botanist?

Her husband, Juan, gets far more accolades for his art, but he’s a blog post in and of himself. Look forward to hearing more about him another time. Teaser: he was pretty eccentric. Unusual for an artist, right?! I’ll do some more digging, but so far there are no reports of him being in a fraternity. I guess he left the clubbing to his wife.

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