Jamaican Good Art!

Hump Day has never felt so good! Reality didn’t hold back at all in slapping me in the face after Spring Break last week. Jim and I went to Jamaica, where it was all sleeping in and mint mojitos. My alarm sure did go off early on Monday. We’re slowly getting back into the swing of things, but every now and then I still taste a mix of mint and sunscreen and it takes me back to this time last week when winning a friendly shuffleboard bet* was my biggest stressor. 

We enjoyed a lot of the country’s musical art, but didn’t see much in the way of the visual arts. I did some research to find some Jamaican art to share!

Barrington Watson is the big wig in Jamaican art. He attended the Royal College of Art in the UK (to start with; if I listed his whole resume, we’d be here all day!) and painted scenes like this one, that I love so much!

Does this capture motherhood, or what? Except the laying down part.

Ken Spencer had less prestigious training (that is, he went to all the most famous museums in Europe and taught himself the best techniques), but is still described as Jamaica’s most “prolific” artist. His art is much more Impressionistic than Watson’s, but I love the bright colors he uses!

I met a fisherman in Jamaica, and he really did look like this!

Spring Break might be over, but never mind me; I’m just going to gaze at these paintings and try not to spill this mojito on my keyboard.

*Are you curious about the bet? If I won, Jim had to stop rehashing the Michigan State basketball game; if he won, I couldn’t keep trying to make an itinerary while we were on vacation. He won by ONE POINT! It was “Izzo this and Ward that” the rest of the week!

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