Next Generation Art

I love it when my favorite things collide. Peanut butter and chocolate, Diet Coke and pretzels, wine and dancing, hiking and friends…. in fact I was able to enjoy that last one on Monday! My friend Carla and I went for a hike at one of our favorite places (Lincoln Brick Park- if you’re in the Lansing area, be sure to go!). After, we decided to walk around downtown Grand Ledge a bit and grab coffee.

But first things first, I had to run into the library for a second, where to my delight, they were featuring local high schoolers’ artwork! Books and art! Another amazing collision! Here are a couple pieces that were on display:

I know, right?! That is talent!
I want to live there!

I cannot get over these beautiful works of art. There were certainly some talented artists in my high school, but I wasn’t one of them, My daughters and I discussed later, and my 6th grader pulled a few things out of her art portfolio that I thought were fascinating. I think I’ve mentioned before that Art class for kids now is waaaaaay better than it was for me. While I was rubber cementing magazine clippings to a piece of computer paper, they are doing more useful things like this:

My favorites are “wash,” “salt,” and “thick paint”

That’s right. They are learning actual techniques! It’s a little sad they will never know the cell-killing, heavenly odor of rubber cement, but I rejoice in the knowledge that our Art teachers are raising up a generation of da Vincis! Degas! Pollocks! Hoppers! Today: the Grand Ledge District Library, tomorrow: The Met!

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