Don’t you just love a long weekend? We didn’t have school last Friday or Monday, so it was an especially extended Labor Day weekend for us. My whole family went up north and it was even more fun than I thought because my mom’s twin brother and his wife came unexpectedly and they are a blast! 

My mom and her brother are the very best friends. They talk on the phone every day, have rhyming names, are both redheads, and every now and then, when they are really twinning, will say something at the same time and we laugh and clap and beg for another party trick. 

Naturally, their twininess got me thinking about twins in art. Here are a couple tips, gentle readers. If you do a Google search on this, no matter what word combination you type in, you are going to get information about the Kaplan twins’ butts. It is how the internet works. More than anything else, Google wants you to read about their butt art. Resist. Here is my second tip. Once you dive past the $1,000 butt paintings, you will get to actual twin art and then you will be sorry, because twins are only portrayed as the creepiest people in the entire world. 

Case in point:

Stephen King did not paint this, as I would have expected. The artist is Jana Brike. Which sort of rhymes with “fright.”

Speaking of Stephen King, artist Beth Conklin has based some of her art off quotes from his books!

It’s raining spooky twins!

The sucker is a nice prop, no? I’m sure they stole those from their latest victims.

I’m happy to say none of the twins I know are in the least bit creepy, but you would never know it to look at the art world!

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