Win One for the Gipper!

Last weekend we had a hockey tournament in South Bend, with three of our five games at Notre Dame. Their ice arena is not even ten years old, and is beautiful. What’s even better is that right next to the rink is a sculpture park and across the street from that is a Starbucks! I could live in that little triangle and never want for anything again!

Notre Dame also has an amazing art museum, but I didn’t get a chance to visit- next time! I did make a point to get up close and personal with the iconic Touchdown Jesus.

Normally, you know I would stand in front of this doing a touchdown sign. I don’t know what happened. Pre-hockey game jitters, I think. I’m disappointed in myself.

The “real” name of this mural is “The Word of Life,” and it is enormous! It takes up the entire side of the library facing the football stadium. It’s almost as big as the stadium itself. Just kidding, but it is 134 feet tall and 68 feet wide. Millard Sheets was commissioned to do the mural in 1963. Jesus is front and center, of course (no word on whether the touchdown hands were purposely mimicking the “touchdown” signal or it’s just a happy coincidence) and saints and scholars from throughout the ages are taking up the rest of the space.

The mural consists of 324 panels, including 81 different types of stones from 16 countries. Impressive!

Now, I know you are dying to pop in your “Rudy” VHS tape, so I will leave you to it. “I want Rudy to dress in my place, Coach. He deserves it.” And I cry.

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