Strong Salad

It is time for one of my family’s favorite events of the year. Not Daylight Saving time, not March Madness, not even St. Patrick’s Day… do you give?

The presentation of the 2020 Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team. Or MSHSAHHT if you’re in the biz. The video has it all: amazing hair, great puns, inexplicable slang, and a peppy narrator (haha, Just kidding about that last one. He really does make it about the hair and not himself.) It’s hard to believe some people don’t even know about the MSHSAHHT! Just in case my gentle readers aren’t familiar, here is the link:

Naturally, all this hair talk made me seek out some art featuring strong salads. Take Degas’ Combing the Hair, for instance.

I love this, because I think it really shows the weight of the woman’s hair. I’m not sure if the subject is supposed to look relaxed, but I think she looks a little like my daughters when I’m working through a snarl. Not fun. I have to comment on the color here too. Degas somehow makes the oranges and red look good, even though he is featuring two redheads. I would guess their hair gets lost in the background, but he makes it work. Have you seen Wild Wild Country on Netflix yet? Watch it, and tell me if this doesn’t remind you of the commune members’ outfits.

Oluwole Omofemi has a series of paintings featuring black women with abundant hair (a metaphor for freedom). This is my absolute favorite of his paintings.

Any hockey player worth their weight would salivate to have this hair. Never mind how you’d get a helmet over it.

Finally, one of my all-time favorites from the Chicago Institute of Art:

I don’t think the artist meant for it to be funny, but it so is.

I’ve blogged about this before, but still don’t know the title or artist. Still, I love it and identify with it. This is pretty much what my hair looks like when I take my helmet off. Look out MSHSAHHT!

Things are a little hairy in our world right now, but I hope in between hand washing you’re taking time to enjoy some art!

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