A Visit to Eli Broad

Last week my friend Carla and I went to the Eli Broad Museum in East Lansing. She had a photograph in one of the exhibits there (yes, not only do I love art, but I love the people who make it!) so we wanted to see it on display. It was lovely of course, (I only hobnob with the best of the best.) and so was all the other artwork on display*.

An artist by the name of Emily Somoskey had six mixed media pieces on display. She is from Akron, OH but earned her MFA at Michigan State (Go Green! Go White!) For you locals, she also did the mural on the wall outside the Division St. parking garage. 

Of the six at Eli Broad, the 2D piece below was my favorite. Carla chose a different favorite. We are still friends because you can have different opinions and still be friends (take note, social media! Politicians! Yankees and Red Sox! Lovers of ebooks and people who only read “real” books!)

I loved the colors in this and the fun, scattery vibe.

Carla’s favorite. More great colors!

Let me take this opportunity to put a plug in for art museums all over. We were the only guests at the Eli Broad and the employees looked really happy to see us. Plus, the artists have been waiting for their displays to be up and open to the public for several months (or maybe their entire lives!) If you’re missing art, go visit! It’s safe, it’s fun, it’s beautiful! Or it’s video. But you might have a nice time anyway.


 *Except the video art. I never, ever like the video art.

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