Thanksgiving Art

 Happy Thanksgiving! Here are three things I’m thankful for today:

1.     1. Hotels are finally sanitizing the tv remotes between guests. Or at least making us think they did.

2.     2.   Road trip games. You know the ones: the license plate game, I Spy, etc.

3.     3. Chocolate chip cookies from Penn Station Eastcoast Subs. My husband boldly declared it was his favorite food in the world. I get that.

Oh, and my family, friends, health, blah blah blah. Also, in the grand scheme of life, hand turkeys on brown construction paper have to make the list of things I’m thankful for too. They are such sweet reminders of little patties. Bonus points if they have sloppy, misspelled words of things kids are thankful for. (i.e. fod/food, nutla/Nutella, hoke/hockey, undrpats/underpants).

If your taste is a little more refined, let me offer you these pieces of Thanksgiving art:

Claude Monet’s The Turkeys. I never see white turkeys! And I see a lot of turkeys. Not just the ones I live with either.

Norman Rockwell’s Freedom From Want. This one makes me cry. They’re all so happy! Sniffle, sniffle.

Norman Rockwell’s Home for Thanksgiving. Another tearjerker. Good grief, Norman! You’re killing me!

I’m thankful for ART this Thanksgiving. And time with my family. Which I’m going to take advantage of right now with our highly sanitized remote control. Have a lovely Thanksgiving, friends!

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