One Ticket for the ColumBUS, Please!

I spent last weekend in Columbus, Ohio for a  hockey tournament. It was so fun! I have to tell you- Ohio is really winning me over. The last couple times I’ve been there I’ve been super pleasantly surprised. Fun fact about Columbus: it is the fourteenth largest city in the United States! I never would have guessed. They are big into food trucks, German stuff… and art!

Sadly, the art museums were not open when I was there. It was torture, because I was so looking forward to visiting them. Alas, we were there during a pandemic, over MLK day, and during a “protest” (note: there were crickets downtown. Not a protester to be seen.) We did get to visit German Village, where the architecture is beautifully preserved from the mid-1800s. Each home was a work of art in itself. (Did I spend all day yesterday looking for stain glass house numbers on Etsy? I did.) The Book Loft was the coolest bookstore I’ve ever been in, and The Red Stable was a little shop with art from local artists. So, it was a great visit, despite the fact I didn’t make it into an actual museum.

Ohio is noteworthy for producing a bunch of presidents, but a quick Google search informed me of some great Ohioan artists too. One in particular caught my eye and I’ll be darned if she wasn’t from Columbus. Alice Schille was an Impressionist with a strong Mary Cassatt vibe. She often painted women and children, but did some landscapes too. Here are a few of her paintings that I really like.

Doesn’t this look like a video? I can practically see the shadows moving.

I told you! Very Mary Cassatt feel, right?!

I wish my babies still fit on my lap!!

She’s good, isn’t she? It’s no wonder her last name rhymes with “slay.” I love discovering new artists. And new towns! Next time I vow not to visit on a holiday, but no promises about excluding hockey from my trip!

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