Francis David Millet: A Boatload of Talent

Thirty-six years ago today, before I was even born”, Tears for Fears was blowing up the charts with “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” Michael Jordan was named “Rookie of the Year,” you could get 5 pounds of potatoes for a dollar, New Coke made its villainous debut, and oceanographers found the Titanic on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. Who else is picturing scuba divers in jean jackets and fanny packs? They all look like George Michael in my head!

In the movie, they allude to priceless art being lost on the Titanic. No word on whether or not anybody flung their arms open at the bow Kate Winslet-style, but on the art point, writers were correct. In fact, not only was priceless art lost that day, but so was an incredible artist.

Francis David Millet was one accomplished guy. He packed a lot into his tragically shortened life. Things like: assisted his surgeon father on the battlefields of the Civil War, attended Harvard University, was a board member for The Met and The National Gallery. He kept company with the likes of John Singer Sargent and Mark Twain. He was notorious for throwing great parties full of prominent people. Wikipedia says he was last seen helping women and children into lifeboats as the Titanic went down. He was a good person, with a full life. We were robbed of the art he never had the chance to create.

The good news is, his work is peppered across the world in various museums. But if you can’t make it to Brooklyn or London anytime soon, let me help:


Sidebar: I feel I deserve a pat on the back for the lack of puns in this post. I wrecken I showed great restraint.

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