Well Met, Gala!

It’s the fashion event the world has been waiting for! Celebrity sightings galore, all the political statements you could ever hope for, money flowing as freely as Billie Eilish’s gown, and oh yeah- art. It’s The Met Gala!! Fun fact: when participants have ice cream there, it’s The Met Gala mode!

The first Met Gala was held in 1948 in celebration of the Costume Institute’s spring exhibition. From then on, it’s taken place on the first Monday of May, stealing the limelight from Kentucky Derby horses, who only get two days of glory before the media turns its fickle head north to the Big Apple. Until this year! As with everything, the Gala was canceled in 2020, and this year it was postponed until September. No word on whether or not this will be a new trend. I sort of like the idea, we’re all fired up about our back-to-school clothes, and The Met swoops in to feed our fashion frenzy. But nobody asked me.

Nor did anybody ask my favorite costumes, er- outfits? from the Gala this year, but I’m putting my vote in anyway. Best Dressed Male is easy: Timothee Chalamet! He looked comfortable and cool and I would like to place an order for the TJ Maxx version of that outfit, please. Best Dressed Female is harder, obviously. I’m declaring an official tie between Debbie Harry and Yara Shahidi. Stunning, stunning, stunning. For pictures of all the celebrities in their fanciest rags, check out Cosmo’s line-up: All the 2021 Met Gala Red Carpet Pictures of Celebrity Fashion (cosmopolitan.com)

In honor of this iconic fashion event, I’d like to share this trendy frock from the Old State House Museum in Little Rock, Arkansas. I was there a few years ago when they had an exhibit featuring dresses First Ladies wore, and aren’t you glad I was? Otherwise, you may have gone your entire life not knowing Ann McMath wore her husband and sons painted onto her chest!

Lady Gaga’s got nothing on the former First Lady of Arkansas!

The Met is all about raising funds for the Costume Institute- aka, the museum’s fashion department. The Gala raised over $13 million in both 2018 and 2019. I’m sure high school theater departments everywhere are clutching their twenty-five year old costumes from the thrift store in jealous shock. Celebrities have worn gowns upwards of $35,000 in the past, which is 5K less than the price of a ticket. In related news, I just bought two athletic skirts for $20 a pop. We’re all winning on the red carpet this year!

Who do you think looked amazing at The Met Gala? More importantly, would you ever wear your husband upon your bosom?

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