Three Steps to an Epic Art Party

It never rains, but it pours. There are days I randomly pick artists or topics to write about here, but this week? So. Much. Art. And I have to tell you- it’s my favorite art in the world, because it was done by my incredibly talented friends. I don’t know how they put up with an art peasant like me, honestly.

Last week they threw a party, nay! A soiree that would make any art lover’s heart race. I took notes, and gleaned three steps to throwing an epic art soiree:

  1. Set the mood. Look, you don’t have to have an art party at a gallery or museum, or banquet hall. In fact, if this is going to be truly unique, you have to do it in a garage. Which we did. And it was epic. It gave the whole party a much edgier feel and you know how art enthusiasts love to be edgy. Mix in a bougie Spotify playlist (any jazz or instrumental will do), some red wine (or white if it has a punny name- see Exhibit A), wear black, exclusively, and BOOM! You have the makings of one swanky, (but not too swanky) art party.
Exhibit A.
Everyone must wear black. Non-negotiable. Or not. Whatever.

2. Invite all attendees to bring a creation. This is the most critical piece of the party. This is what makes it extra, meta, uber! All the slang! You guys. We had it all. All kinds of mediums, genres, textures- everyone brought their A game. And nobody brought video art because my friends know what’s what. I was talking too much, I’m afraid, and didn’t take enough pictures, but let me share a few with you. Now, I knew my friends were insanely creative, and I was still surprised by their brilliance. If you think your friends aren’t creative geniuses, please give this a go anyway. I think you will be very surprised.

3. Mingle. Absorb. Enjoy. Pretend you’re at the Uffizi. Float around the room together, discuss, get each exhibit’s backstory, sip your drink, channel your inner snob until you bust out laughing because there is nothing snobby about this! Your friends are so cool! Try on the paper mache masks, get teary over beautiful photography, poke fun at your own silly creation (I literally added tacky stickers to an ironic flag.) Chit-chat all evening, but be sure to take more pictures than I did. Finally, share your pictures on social media, because if there’s one thing I know about art, it’s best when shared with friends.

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