Three (Plus) Ukrainian Artists to Fall in Love With

As you know, I like to steer clear of politics on here, but I think the attack on Ukraine is less politicky, more world event-y. And the Ukranian people have no doubt been in your hearts and on your minds too. Of course, in all heartache and destruction, there are some sweet stories, some light. Like the touching communication between owners and renters on Airbnb. Did you know you can get any “rare find” you want in Ukraine right now? On St. Patrick’s Day I rented a lovely 5 bedroom home (Airbnb is waiving their cut, so all proceeds go to the homeowners.) and minutes later received the loveliest note from my “hostess.” It’s a cool and creative way to show support, I think. If you’re looking for an artsier way to support Ukraine, there is Art for Peace, where you can buy beautiful art that benefits the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

Ukraine may be small, but it is not lacking when it comes to talented artists! One showed up in this post a few years ago! Here are a few more Ukrainian artists I think you’ll love:

V. Lishko: Lishko is bringing all the color! His work is so bright and so fun, it almost makes me want to cry. In a good way. His paintings are basically what I want my personality to be. Bright and sweet and a little complicated. Take a look for yourself (and follow him on IG too! @lishkovitaliy)

Evgeniia Gapchinska describes herself as a “supplier of happiness” and with good reason. I went down a forty-five minute rabbit hole of her art and came out happier than when I first learned President Zelensky was the voice of Paddington Bear. Her art has a notably different feel from Lishko’s, but is equally fun and sweet. The little characters for which she is famous are snuggly and precious and you just want to bop their little noses. Tell me if you don’t! (You can follow Evgeniia on IG too: @gapchinska)

Finally, (if you can stand a little more color and talent) let me introduce Petro Bevza. Not only does he have a cool birthday (Jan. 1), he has a relatively easy name for me to spell (not true of almost all Ukrainians. Lovely names, hard for this American to spell.) And then there’s his art. It reminds me of a bit of Wassily Kandinsky who is touted as a Russian artist, but spent his early years in… modern day Ukraine! Do you see an influence?

Most of Bevza’s work is even more colorful than Semantic Outline (above). Take a look:

I would be remiss if I did not direct you to a few more incredible Ukrainian artists. If you are so inclined, check out:

Maria Prymachenko Warning: sad story. Prymachenko’s folksy art is vibrant, wholesome, and lovely. She was self-taught, which I think deserves special accolades. A few weeks ago several of her pieces were destroyed when the Russian military set fire to the Ivankiv Historical Museum.

Anatoly Kryvolap (You can tell by the picture on his homepage, he’s a total bad***!)

Ivan Marchuk (He doesn’t have a website that I could find, so this links to his Wikipedia page. His art is amazing, his moustache? Amazinger.)

Oleksandr Balbyshev (Okay guys, this list is starting to resemble a moustache Hall of Fame! Save Maria.)

Enjoy these Ukrainian artists, my friends! Pobachymos’! (That’s “see you later” in Ukrainian!)

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