Seize the Day! Color the Day!

I read a very sad article: “The World is Literally Getting Less Colorful”. It shook me. Color is such a simple, perfect pleasure. A gift! Just ask Jonas in Lois Lowry’s The Giver. Nobody else in his community could see color, and it was oppressive, sad, depressing… and the people didn’t even know what they were missing. I was meditating on this article, worrying about our world getting grayer, duller, more drab. And then…

  1. My lilies bloomed and my petunias exploded! I know there’s a movement to only grow edible plants right now, but I think all this color in my yard does more for my soul than cucumbers do for my body.

2. My friend sent me a link to the Color Factory exhibit in Chicago (and Houston and NYC). How fun is this? Artists are still arting! This exhibit is just one of many ways artists are blasting color into our world!

3. My book club met on Michigan State’s campus. Across the road were new murals FULL of fantastic color!

Given all this vibrance I can’t believe the world is becoming more drab. But just in case I am recommitting to color. I bought a yellow (yellow!!) shirt the other day. I painted some frames bright yellow, purple, blue, green, and pink to hang on a boring gray wall in my snuggery. I ate the donut with rainbow sprinkles instead of the cake donut! Don’t tell me I’m not committed to color!

What are you doing to put a little color in your day??

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