A Different Kind of Edible Art

Happy Labor Day weekend!! I don’t know about you guys, but a big part of our end of summer holiday includes eating! My whole family goes up north together, and we hang out at the lake, hike, paddleboard, fish, and feast! Last year my sister’s boyfriend (now husband! A lot can change in a year!) walked out of the pantry in a daze: “There are 19 loaves of bread in there.” What can I say? Nobody ever accused us of being anti-carb.

Of course we eat our fruits and veggies too, which brings me to this fantastic artist my daughters introduced me to. His forte were portraits of people with food for facial features.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo: a berry cool artist.
He’s old. I mean, dead now, but he was alive a long time ago. When the girls were describing his art to me I was thinking super modern. You could have knocked me over with an asparagus when I realized this guy was creating art like this in the 1500s!
This guy is cool as a cucumber.
Apparently his work was widely admired by other actual artists! I mean, I think it’s amazing, it just seems so… progressive for the time! No wonder we refer to our heads as melons! Mad props to Giuseppe for pulling this off. And thanks to him, I’m starving now. I could go for a loaf of bread.
Happy Labor Day weekend!

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