Coffee and American Gothic: Two of My Favorites

September marks an important anniversary for me. I don’t want to be cheesy and sentimental about it, but sometimes emotions come like a freight train and there’s no stopping them. One year ago I began a new journey. 
I began to drink coffee.
Throughout college, grad school, and three infants I was able to live on one can of Diet Coke a day, but last September the school year started and I folded like a ton of bricks (something I might have said in my nonsensical pre-coffee days!) I can see clearly now! I can see how people are productive citizens of the world! I can accomplish full sentences and remember to put more than a banana in my kids’ lunches! I am celebrating my one year anniversary of being functional!!
Nowadays, if I don’t have coffee in the morning, I look a little American Gothic. A little sad. Definitely motionless.
They’re somber because they have yet to drink their morning coffee.
It remains unknown whether Grant’s sister and dentist (the models for American Gothic) were coffee drinkers, but the general public have lots of other opinions about this painting! The house in the background (with the Gothic-style window) is in Eldon, Iowa and is open for touring (and photo-ops! Just bring your own apron and pitchfork, please). At first Iowans were insulted that Wood depicted them as frumpy and humorless, but later many came to view the painting as a symbol of resilience and the hard-working American spirit. 
What do you think? I especially love the gentleman. They look somber to me, but he is certainly not without personality and definitely not without kindness. The two strike me as people who would be happy to invite their neighbors over for some food and cornhole after their hard work is done. Or better, have friends over for coffee!

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