Piet Mondrian Sure Can Boogie

Artists, cover your ears. Everyone else, you know the art you see and think, “Well, I could make that!”? We’ve all said it, right? (Right? When you first saw Jackson Pollock’s work, for instance?) Anyway, here is the gentleman that made me re-think that.

Some people call that moustache “The Charlie Chaplin” but I prefer “The Toothbrush.”

Piet Mondrian. A Dutch artist who lived from 1872-1944, which shocked me because I really thought his art was waaaaay more contemporary. Take a look at my favorite “cube” piece he did:

Broadway Boogie Woogie

Is that funky or what?! Clearly he was not only forward-minded, but also great at naming his pieces. It just looks like I would imagine Broadway Ave. in 1943, and it really does make me want to Boogie Woogie! Or play Frogger. This is the kind of thing I used to look at and think I could do, but guys? I can’t. I totally cannot. For you millennials, I can’t even. But here’s what really kills me. He also made this: 

The Red Tree

Isn’t it gorgeous?! I never would have guessed it was a Mondrian! Don’t you love an artist that can paint an entire tree series (Yes! There are more!) that is somehow colorful and spooky at the same time, then turn around and make totally progressive cubes? Mondrian’s talents are far and wide; his trees are exquisite, but I am so thankful he decided to branch out.

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