A Prodigy and a Prince

There is a Molly shaped hole in my house (and heart!) this week because my oldest daughter is at her middle school retreat. She was so excited to go, and I was excited for her. It is her first year of middle school and the retreat is a big rite of passage at her school. I know she’s having a blast. Without me. Hard to believe, but I know it’s true.

I miss her, but I wasn’t worried about her going. Her class is a great bunch of kids; not to mention, I know the chaperones and they are keeping me posted on all the things. I’m pretty sure I was never as cool or confident or smart or artistic or, or, or, as Molly and her classmates. Middle schoolers now just seem more advanced than back in my day. Probably thanks to Fortnite.

It reminded me of Akiane Kramarik who, by the time she was in middle school (3rd grade, actually) had painted Prince of Peace, shown below.
Akiane used a carpenter (of all people!) as a model for this painting.
Again, she was 8. Just as a point of reference, I made a shoebox diorama when I was 8 and my teacher told me to take it back and try again. Prince of Peace became famous not only because of her age or it’s beauty, but because it was mentioned in “Heaven is for Real,” as an accurate portrayal of the Jesus that Colton Burpo met when he died. On her website, you can search her gallery by age to see what works she accomplished at each stage of her life. I’m pretty sure she would have been a huge hit at the crafts table at her middle school retreat!

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