Two For One Artwork!

You probably saw the article today about age affecting how we see the famous optical illusion of the old lady/young lady. The claim is that people under 30 see the young lady first and those older see the old lady. Is that true for you? My daughters and I all see the young woman first (though I am over 30- even my eyes are resisting their age!) The girls loved the picture, and I love charting who in my family sees what (4 of us heard Laurel, by the way and only 1 heard Yanny!) so I found some classic optical illusions for them. You know the ones: the rabbit/duck picture, the couple and the goblet…

All of this got me thinking about other illusionists, so I did a little Googling and found some beauties! There is a ton of chalk art and body art that is incredibly deceiving, but I prefer an old-fashioned painting if I’m going to be tricked. Check out these fun pieces of visual trickery!

Russian artist Konstantin Korobov painted this dark, beautiful picture.

I wish this was hanging in my house! (Robert Gonsalves)
Rex Whistler drew a series of “reverse faces” for an campaign. 

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