More than Okay in OK

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a couple pictures I added to my story yesterday. You are probably still laughing hysterically at the joke that went along with them. I know, it was hilarious, but it’s time to pull yourself together so I can tell you about those painted buffalo! 

The buffalo (there are actually three of them) are in downtown Oklahoma City outside Red Earth, a Native American art gallery. I was so sad the gallery was closed when I was there, so I was left to stalk their website and all the artists that won their 2018 Red Earth Festival. I should tell you two things: 1) You want to go look this stuff up. It is stunning. You can find it at 2) You might weep. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you are low on time, let me just tell you, Dylan Cavin’s paintings were my favorite. I am completely enamored. I couldn’t get his pictures here, but I’m sure I’ve talked you into going to his website, right? Here it is:

I won’t leave you artless though! Another winner (in the oil/acrylic category) was Micqaela Jones. In addition to being awesome because her name breaks the “u always follows q” rule, she painted this:

Standing His Ground. This wasn’t the piece that won the festival, but I bet it could have!

I love that it is a little cutesy, but also bold and inspiring. And a little scary. Because bison are a little scary if you ask me.

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