Ard At Work

I feel like we are finally getting into the swing of things now that school has been in session for a few months. My days have a sort of rhythm now, and I’ve had all my appointments that I put off over the summer, because who wants to waste their precious summery-warm minutes getting bloodwork or a haircut?! I went to the dentist too, which is on my list of “Things I Hate Worse Than Milk Moustaches.” It’s a short list. Also on the list is the letter from school that someone has lice, and fasting for bloodwork.

The positive about going to the dentist this past visit was that it reminded me of this piece of art by one of the most fun artists I can think of:

Ah, yes, Norman Rockwell and his Saturday Evening Posts… classics. Except. When I pulled this famous picture up to write a blog post on Norman Rockwell, I found this isn’t a Norman Rockwell cover!! The artist who did this picture was Kurt Ard, bless him. I think everyone knows this as a Rockwell, amiright? But Ard (from Denmark) was a fantastic illustrator in his own right. Once I started looking around, I loved his work almost (I won’t commit to an equivalent love!) as much as Rockwell’s. Look at this charming picture, for example:

Rounding up little dogies is exhausting!
Precious. If you’re disappointed that I tricked you into thinking we were going to discuss Rockwell today, stay tuned! I think you’ll love the next post…

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