This Post Will DragOn

Christmas is officially over for my family. We celebrated with the final section of family on Sunday. It seems late, but for us this is pretty good! There was no pressure on the dinner front because everybody is hammed and sugar cookied out at this point, so we had tacos and cheesecake and it was perfection! Monday we celebrated our kitchen finally being done (we’ve been under construction since October 1, 2002. Just kidding. But it feels like it.) with some friends

I thought we were fresh out of things to celebrate until this morning, when I learned it is National Dragon Appreciation Day. Well, well, well! Friends, it is time to party!!! Because I’ve only known about Dragon Appreciation Day for about twenty minutes, I’m not exactly sure how we’re going to celebrate yet, but let’s brainstorm for one hot, fiery second:

1. Read “Dragons Love Tacos” to the kids
2. Make tons of dragon puns (i.e. “I need some coffee! I’m dragon!”)
          a. And dragon jokes! (Why are dragons great pianists? They really know their scales!)

3. Find art featuring dragons!

Let’s slay that last one right now! Below is a painting by Raphael of St. George killing the dragon. 

I don’t know about you, but I always pictured that dragon a bit bigger. I actually feel bad for it here. Also? Didn’t he use a sword rather than a pole vaulting pole? I’m not knocking it. It’s beautifully done and very “High Renaissance” with St. George and the lady looking particularly pious. The face on the horse seems to have almost human emotion; it reminds me of the horses’ expressions in da Vinci’s Adoration of the Magi. Apparently, dragons in legends and art  often represent the Devil, so I don’t feel bad for it anymore. Though I still imagined it much larger.

I hope your Dragon Appreciation Day is fantastic and your knight is even better!

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