MLK Mural

It is a super short week for us this week! And thank goodness for that because we had hockey games all across the state this past weekend and my kids are exhausted (or rather, my kids’ mom is exhausted). We spent our MLK Day yesterday recouping and gearing up for the whopping three days of school happening today, tomorrow, and Thursday. We may have been at home, relaxing, but across the country there were events celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. The art community notwithstanding!

I scoured the internet for my favorite portrait of the civil rights leader and this mural in Philadelphia is easily my favorite.

Add this to your list of “Things to See in Philly”

The pillars in the back are the Lincoln Memorial, so we can assume this captures a moment during King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. He’s talking with his hands as he often did (we have that in common) and he is obviously speaking loudly, firmly, and with no shortage of passion.

The artist of this mural is unknown, which makes it all the more appealing to me. I love that somebody created it with no need for accolades, but just to put something important and lovely into the world. I think King would have liked it too.

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