Art in Michigan

One reason I decided to blog about art is that I knew I would never be short on material. It is everywhere we turn! Yesterday my friend Carla and I visited the IQhub in St. Johns, MI- eleven short miles from my house, yet I’d never been. They are featuring some local artists right now, so there were no excuses for me to not pop in and check it out!

I found my favorite piece of the day the minute I walked in. Carla said it was also her mom’s favorite.

The umbrella painting is one of Theressa Levett’s three piece series in the exhibit. The other two are equally awesome:

Levett is a new featured artist in the Clinton County Arts Council gallery too. (Carla? You up for another field trip?!) I Facebook stalked Theressa (as you do) and became even more enamored with her work. She hails from London, Ontario and currently resides in Grand Rapids (which is quickly becoming a mecca of amazing art- she’s in the right place if you ask me!) Keep an eye on her. I have a feeling we’re going to be seeing great things from her!

And speaking of great things- you have to see this. Ivan Iller has won Lansing’s Scrapfest two years running. Obviously. Because, ohmygosh, look at this awesomeness. 

And can we talk about the elephant in the room? 

This video was too big, but do you see the crank on the side? This beast moves!

Iler’s art can be seen all around Lansing, and not just during Scapfest. You’ll notice his Portrait of a Dreamer downtown by Impression 5 and Lugnut Stadium. Or Splash at the splashpad in St. Johns. Or The Ledges in Grand Ledge (this is my favorite local sculpture and I just learned he made it!) I’m willing to bet he wins Scrapfest again this year too. Somebody give this guy a run for his money!

Like I said, art is everywhere, but Michigan is making it especially accessible. High five, Michigan!

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