Avocadon’t You Love Superbowl Ads?!

Before there was Nice and Easel there was AdBits, my first blog. Yes, my love for art extends to the creative art that is media in the form of commercials. Now we only have Netflix, so I never get to see commercials anymore, but Superbowl Sunday? Is a happy day for me. Here were my favorite commercials in no particular order:

    Turbo Tax (all people are tax people)
    Snickers (the world needs a Snickers)
    Avocado Baby Gear

Honorable mention goes to the Google ad with Loretta. It lost points for making me face mortality.

Let’s talk about number three. Avocados are having their moment, aren’t they? At Christmas we had to buy some secret Santa gifts for my kid’s teammate and she was like, “Oh, just get her anything avocado.” My daughter herself received an avocado heating pad and shirt that says “Avo Great Day!” My other daughter has a shirt that reads, “Just a Girl Who Loves Hockey and Avocados!” Then Molly Ringwald (I heard they paid her a lot of avocadough for this roll) comes along with a killer commercial for this amazing fruit, that we sort of think is a vegetable, but really not that either.

I never realized how often avocados show up in the most famous pieces of art, until I really started looking. Take these for example:

Avocados are amazing time after time.

Avocados rock!

The Birth of Venus’ love for avocados.

And just in case you came here, really trying to learn something serious today, let me offer you this: There is no famous avocado art. But here are some avocado fun facts that really guac! Er… rock!

    People in South Central America have been eating avocados for 10,000 years!
    Americans haver been eating it for about 50 (and we think we’re trendy- ha!)
    Avocados have had some other names throughout history: Fertility Fruit, Alligator Pear, Butter 
   Avocados have a long-standing reputation as an aphrodisiac. FYI. (Valentine’s Day is coming up! 
       Maybe a nice bouquet of avocados for your sweetheart?)

I promise next week I’ll be back to talking about art. I just couldn’t resist that funky fruit! I know- my lack of discipline is PITiful.

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