Twelve Art Goals for the New Year!

Happy New Year!!! 2022 is going to be a fantastic year!!! You can tell from all the exclamation points I’m using that I really mean it!

Are you a goal setter? A podcaster I listen to asked his Twitter followers how many of them made New Year’s resolutions. Eighty percent did not. Eighty! They don’t know what they’re missing out on. Goals are so super fun if you do them right. (i.e. Don’t beat yourself up if you are less than perfect in achieving them.) A little known fact about goals is that you can change your mind about them any time you want. For instance, I used to have a goal to own a motorcycle. Now? No part of me wants a motorcycle- those things are death machines! So I took it off my list. Boom. The bucket list police didn’t arrest me and I get to live to see my children grow up. Win/win.

All this to say: Art Goals. Are you setting any? For the first time ever, I am! Here they are:

  1. Get a stair mural. (This one is already in the works! Stay tuned!)
  2. Finally find a painting for a naked wall in my house that’s been driving me nuts.
  3. Make a piece of art. (I see it in my head and it looks awesome. It’s just that execution part that’s tripping me up….)

If you want to make some art goals, but aren’t sure where to start, may I make some suggestions that might be fun? Take them or leave them- in any event, they’re safer than buying a motorcycle.

  • Start an Pinterest board of art you love.
  • Follow an art blogger. (Hi!)
  • Plan a tour d’art museum. (I smell a road trip!)
  • Find a local artist you love.
  • Create an art scavenger hunt to do at a museum or around town!
  • Follow your town’s art gallery on Instagram.
  • Go to some art shows. (May I recommend ArtPrize? Or Michigan State University’s Spring Arts Show?)
  • Get in touch with your artsy side and make something. Anything! (See the title picture for inspo. My daughter made me these toilet paper roll gnomes for Christmas and I love them!)
  • Throw an art-themed party! For inspiration, see this post.
  • Vow to see your favorite painting in person.
  • Be a groupie for a year- pick an artist you like and attend all their shows, exhibits, openings, etc.
  • Watch four different documentaries/movies on artists this year. See this post for one suggestion.

These are just a few ideas to get your resolution juices flowing. The possibilities are endless! Either way, I am super excited to explore more art with you this year!

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