One Dog’s Artsy Opinion

It feels like spring! It’s the first day of Lent! An artist is starting my stair mural today! The world news is heavy, but I am more thankful than ever for art that brings some JOY to our lives! But what art to feature in today’s blog post?! I couldn’t decide. Luckily, I have some fun, handy flashcards of famous paintings that I looked to for inspiration. Still, I was torn between three springy choices. So, I called in art connoisseur and classical painting expert… our dog, Mojo.

Our fair Judge.

The contestants are:

Who do you think Mojo gave her rose to? Which artwork (or tasty treat) couldn’t she resist?! Well, at first? She resisted all of them.

What kind of dog needs this much coaxing to come eat a delicious, meaty snack?! She’s either a food snob or an art snob. Maybe both.

I stopped recording. I explained I really needed her help, told her she’d really be doing me a solid. I promised fresh new bones, walks every day, a spot at the window to scope out birds and squirrels. We negotiated a place at the foot of the bed and that I’d stop mumbling under my breath when I run a lint brush over myself multiple times a day…. if only she’d pick a painting for me.

The winner was Primavera by Sandro Botticelli! Perfect for the springy weather and longer days we are enjoying!

Primavera: Not just a pasta dish.

Here’s the cast of characters in the painting:

  1. Venus is in the middle looking like she just overtook Kylie Jenner in Instagram followers,
  2. Venus’ son Cupid is air-swimming above her.
  3. Mercury is on the far left pushing a raincloud away and humming, “rain rain go away, come again another day, when I say you can.”
  4. Zephyr is the blue genie-looking guy on the far right. He’s the god of the spring wind and bonafide rabble rouser, from the looks of things.
  5. The other girls are C-list celebs making TikTok videos and drinking martinis sangria (a more springy drink, don’t you think?). The three graces make up the group on the left (the goddesses of charm, grace, and beauty). On the right a Greek nymph turns herself into Flora (the girl in the flowery dress) to get away from Zephyr. Cool party trick!

The painting was done on an enormous wood panel (Venus is life-sized!) for a member of the Medici family (those guys got everything!) I love the enormity of the painting and the details (can you imagine painting each little fold and wrinkle in those dresses? Every tiny leaf?) Botticelli makes Venus look like a total boss by framing her with the blue sky and shrubbery. There’s no question who the star of the show is. And despite Zephyr’s antics, the painting has a celebratory feel. It makes me want to throw a springtime party, get barefoot in the grass, and pluck peaches from overhead. Then gossip over who Cupid shot and which of the graces is crushing on Mercury.

Spring is upon us, friends! Let’s party!

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