Why I Can’t Stop Staring at My Stairs

Friends! Do you remember at the beginning of the year when I mentioned my 2022 art goals in this post? I’m happy to say my stair mural is complete and… it is even better than I’d hoped!

Ever since we took our carpet out and painted the stairs, I’ve been agonizing over them. They needed attention. In fact, lately I’ve been craving more color in my house, period. While I was mulling the staircase situation over, Adrienne Gelardi popped up in my Facebook feed. When I visited her website, I knew my artsy prayers were answered.

Before we put anything on the calendar, Adrienne had me send over a picture of the stairs. I also sent a few screenshots from her website of work that I especially loved. Together we decided a pond would look awesome and provide the extra color I was looking for. I especially loved the pond idea because we have a pond in our yard. Jim and I are constantly channeling Chevy Chase in Caddyshack and explaining to our kids, “there are pond people and there are pool people. We’re pond people.”

“The pond would be good for you.” Such a great line.

We decided Adrienne would come March 2-4 (it’s true- she did the whole thing in three short days. It would take me three days of crying in hopeless despair before I could even pick up a brush.) She rolled up in a bright, beautiful van that would put the Mystery Van to shame and got to work on the stairs! By the time my girls came home from school and the house became “high traffic,” she was ready to pack up for the day. Repeat over the next two days and voila! She left my home a brighter place!

Adrienne’s mural was perfect for us. Here is a before, during, and after:

Adrienne was delightful and chill and obviously very talented- we could not be happier with our new stairway. And I, for one, have learned murals are a lot like tattoos- once you have one, you want another… and another… and another! Suddenly every surface in my home looks a lot like a blank canvas!

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