Surreal Storms

As I type, the east coast is bracing itself for Hurricane Florence. She’s shaping up to be a real B. Diane Ackerman said, “Hurricane season brings a humbling reminder that, despite our technologies, most of nature remains unpredictable.” I know the whole country is hoping that if Florence is going to be unpredictable, she falls on the side of “not as bad as expected.”
Nature is terrifying, especially (in my opinion) when it comes to storms over large bodies of water. Terrifying, but majestic. Of course, royalty can be kind and merciful, or cruel and unforgiving. As damaging as hurricanes can be, I have to admit they have inspired some incredible artwork. Joel Rea is an Australian surrealist, and most of his work I’ve seen includes tumultuous bodies of water. This one is fitting for our east coast friends:
Brave This Storm. Except, please don’t. Evacuate!
Surrealism isn’t typically my favorite, but I have really fallen for his work. The tiger in this painting isn’t very prominent, but find some of his work where they are because he has perfected the tiger. Hurricane Florence is a vicious beast in and of itself. Stay safe, friends!

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