Michigan’s Got Talent

I don’t know about you, but I am still reeling over the death of Burt Reynolds. Mr. Reynolds was in one of my all-time favorite movies, Mystery, Alaska so I have a special affinity for him. What an icon. What a legacy. What a Michigander! It is a little-known fact that Burt was actually born in Lansing, Michigan. He didn’t live here long, but still. We are claiming him and adding him to our collection, along with Madonna, Jeff Daniels, and all of Motown.

In addition to singers and actors, Michigan has an abundance of amazing artists; truly this blog could feature MI artists exclusively! Today I just one of my favorites: Andrea Kowch. I first saw Andrea’s piece, Sojourn, in the Grand Rapids Art Museum and I couldn’t stop looking at it. Do you see why? I tried to walk away, but my body just looped back around to take it in again.

I am also happy this features a redhead.
I love the detail in all her paintings. Her art is so precise and interesting. If you’re a little creeped out, I don’t think you’re alone. The farmhouse and bare tree give off an eerie feel, and the girls with their wild hair and blank stares are just enough to give me goosebumps, but not make me so uncomfortable I want to look away. It sort of teeters on the surreal, but why? It’s actually a very plausible scene. I love it! Kowch is super young, so be on the lookout for her because she’s only going to get bigger!

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