A Tale of Two Pauls

I was being so productive today. It was the perfect balance of accomplishing things and getting human contact. In other words, I was getting stuff done and talking on the phone. Or trying to talk. Except my phone does this charming thing in which it turns off and restarts without any warning. It makes conversations super exciting! 

So I finally bit the bullet and headed to the Apple store, where I spent the rest of this sunny afternoon. In honor of my new phone (this story isn’t all doom and gloom- I was still under warranty so this phone was free! Normally I like to wait until 2 days post-warranty to turn in a defect.) I present… Still Life With Fruit Dish by Paul Cezanne!

Unlike my phone, these apples never give me a hard time!

This piece sits in MoMA now, but belonged to Paul Gaugin at one time, who adored it and only sold it when he desperately needed funds for his medical expenses. Gaugin knew a thing or two about painting fruit himself! Here is one that he did:

Gaugin’s Still life with Oranges

I think you know why I chose this still life? Because comparing the two Pauls is like apples and oranges.

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